Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal, where one can enjoy wide range of rafting rivers from fast flowing white water to scenic floats.

Rafting in Nepal, where one can enjoy a wide range of rafting rivers from fast-flowing white water to scenic floats

Rafting in Nepal is another popular adventure sport after trekking and mountaineering. The country with the world's highest mountain range provides excellent water sports, such as rafting and kayaking.

All rivers fed from the glaciers of mighty Himalayan peaks, the abode of gods, goddesses, and holy spirits. Most rafting ‘put-in points" are located around mid-hills where glacial waters get mild temperatures, suitable for moderate to adventurous rafting.

Rafting in Nepal started in the mid-1970s and has become one of the major adventure activities in Nepal. Where all types of people and age groups can join the fun for a day, two days, or more.
Besides, before or after your major programs in Nepal, you can extend your holiday by enjoying rafting on various mighty rivers. Rafting the Himalayan Glacial Rivers will be a great experience as you paddle downstream and encounter big, bouncy waves and roller coaster rapids.

Nepal's Himalayan Rivers offer wide options, from leisurely scenic floats to mild rapids of moderate grade to adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting.

Most Popular Rafting Rivers:

The Trishuli River, which flows from the glacier of Ganesh Himal and Langtang Himal and is a popular river, provides all types of excitement, from bouncy waves to whitewater and roller coaster rapids.

One can join in for a day, two days, or more. The closest rivers are from the capital Kathmandu and scenic Pokhara. Where one can continue rafting further downstream to end at the famous Chitwan National Park with a surge of adventure.

Bhote Koshi is another rafting river close to Kathmandu Valley, about a few hours’ drive to the starting point of rafting. This river, also known as Upper Sun Koshi, is one of the main tributaries that joins the mighty Sun Koshi River further downstream. Flows from the high country of Tibet and Nepal's Central Himalaya range of peaks, where one can enjoy the thrills for a day or two days.

Seti River, located in Nepal's Mid-West and fed by the massive Annapurna Himalaya Glaciers, is, compared to other rivers, quite calm to enjoy scenic floats with some exciting rapids. The Seti River flows downstream to join the great Trishuli River. Seti River, a great river for a day to two days of rafting, or continue downstream towards Chitwan.

Major Rafting Expedition Rivers:

Sun Koshi, which means river of gold," is close to Kathmandu Valley, about an hour's drive to start the adventure. Sun Koshi Rafting is an 8–10 Days expedition with all camping gear carried on the raft, where tents are set on nice sandy beaches.

Sun Koshi is considered one of the world's ten best rivers for rafting, where one can enjoy paddling on mighty whitewater and enjoying great world-class rapids till it ends down south on the plains of Nepal's Far South East Terai.

Kali Gandaki River, which starts from the glaciers of Mustang Himal and Dhaulagiri Himalaya Mountains, begins with a few hours’ drive from scenic Pokhara city to start the adventure paddling through mighty rapids for 3–4 Days.

Karnali River, one of Nepal's great rivers for rafting, is located in the Far West, where rafting begins after drives and treks for a few days to reach the starting point of rafting, where might waves and exciting rapids take you downstream around Nepal's Far South West. After a grand adventure rafting for a week or more.

Rafting on the Himalayan Rivers in Nepal:

On rafting, we provide you with a helmet, life jacket, paddles, and water-proof barrels and containers to keep your valuables safe from getting wet.

Accommodation is either in river resorts or camping on sandy beaches, with all meals provided.

All rafting is accompanied by expert rafting guides with all safety measures and good knowledge of first aid, including CPR (cardiopulmonary recitation), if required.