"Bhutan, the land of thundering dragon and great diversity"

Bhutan a small country tucked in between giant country of Tibet / China and India as well close to Bangladesh. Located North East Himalaya, a country of great diversity for its size at 38,394 Sq. Km. The country known as Peaceful or Thundering Dragon and renowned for its natural beauty, that include lovely forest conservation, gross national happiness, great culture, heritage and biodiversity. Bhutan covers 72 % forest area which is one of the large biodiversity country in the world that makes Bhutan a unique place in Asia and around Himalaya has preserved its pristine environment and culture as it was past hundreds of centuries. Bhutan largest city and capital is Thimphu which falls at the height of 2,320 m / 7,856 ft the country extends from low sub-tropical temperatures in the south to cooler alpine terrain and towards Himalayan Mountains in the north. Bhutan situated North East Himalaya with number of peaks that ranges from above 6,000 m to 7,000 m, where Gangkhar Puensum is Bhutan's highest peak and tallest unclimbed mountain in the world. The wildlife of country is notable and richness in culture along with green environment, the only kingdom around Himalaya with monarchy rules, it also the land of colorful festival where Buddhism is the major religion. the country offers various tourism destination where one can witness amazing culture and heritage life and can observe Bhutanese dressed in national costume that makes the country different to other countries. In the land of Thunder Dragon and Buddhist religion with Tantric Buddhism the one and only Buddhist kingdom in this world, the peaceful environment and panorama of mountains with different monasteries are main attraction of Bhutan including its colorful festivals. Travelers can visit country for cultural and scenic tour, short hike or for longer trekking in the vicinity of green valleys and high mountain range in the harmony of immense Bhutanese hospitality. Traveling in country controlled and restricted by the Government of Bhutan, visitors can enter only in group wise through proper Government registered travel agencies of Bhutan. Trekking Planner have strong and good connection with our reliable Bhutan counterpart agents for your safe and secure travel with us. Bhutan Government allows foreign travelers to spend minimum of US$ 250 per day / per person to make the country sustainable form eco and friendly tourism by minimizing mass flow of tourist.