Why Trekking Planner Inc is Ultimate Choice for Your Next Trip

  • Safety and Security: Trekking in the Himalayas can be challenging and dangerous if not done properly. Trekking Planner Inc. has experienced guides and staff who are trained in first aid and rescue operations, ensuring your safety and security during your trek.
  • Quality of Service: Trekking Planner Inc. is known for its high-quality service and attention to detail. They provide well-planned itineraries, comfortable accommodations, and well-maintained equipment to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trekking experience.
  • Local Knowledge: Trekking Planner Inc. has experienced local guides who have in-depth knowledge of the region's culture, history, and geography. They can offer insights into the local customs, traditions, and way of life, making your trekking experience more meaningful and enriching.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Trekking Planner Inc. is committed to preserving the natural environment and minimizing its impact on the ecosystem. They follow sustainable tourism practices, such as using eco-friendly products and minimizing waste, to promote responsible tourism.
  • Support for Local Communities: Trekking Planner Inc. has a good reputation and often works closely with local communities, providing employment and supporting local businesses. This helps to uplift the local economy and promote cultural exchange.

We are one of a few local companies that care with great concern to make the best offer of delightful and memorable holidays to our guests visiting Nepal and other Himalayan countries.
Nothing but the best is offered to our clients, as well as taking care of our staff and guides' welfare, which makes every trip highly successful.

Well-educated and knowledgeable guides and staff who have served the company since the establishment of Trekking Planner Inc. Treks and Expeditions with know-how and knowledge of basic medical and first aid to care for our clients.

Besides running enjoyable and delightful adventure treks and tours, we also take care of local villages' needs by supporting them with the funds that we raise through our income and with the support of our good clients.

We are fully committed to eco- or responsible tourism, taking care of our green environment and keeping the area and trails pristine as they were for hundreds of decades, as well as respecting local culture and religions.

All guides are registered license holders for leading and running treks and tours that are approved and authorized by the Nepal Government Tourism Department.
We are always available 24/7 with on-the-ground support in Nepal.

In summary, traveling with Trekking Planner Inc. provides you with a safe, enjoyable, and meaningful trekking experience while also promoting responsible tourism and supporting local communities.