Meet Our Team

Trekking Planner Inc. has an excellent team of highly skilled professionals who share a common adherence to the outdoors and are committed to the world of travel. Our team consists of dedicated people who are involved in administration, trekking fields, operations, and sales. It is through their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism that Trekking Planner Inc. has been able to offer high-quality services to its clients for the past three decades.

Trekking Planner Inc. has an excellent fleet of knowledgeable guides with skills like maps and navigation, first aid kits, helicopter rescue, and CPR for mountain sickness. We work with local specialists who care deeply about their country. They have a proven track record of practicing responsible travel and can put together unique, high-quality trips for travelers.

Carrying a vision and passion for trekking, Mr. Dipak Lamichhane started Trekking Planner, Inc. A pioneer himself in the trekking industry, he has personally led various successful treks and tours for more than three decades. Since then, this valuable partnership has gone from strength to strength, providing unforgettable trekking experiences for guests all over the world.

We are the strongest name in Trekking, Mountaineering, Tours, Mountain Flights, Rafting, and other outdoor adventure sports activities. Our guide and staff have attended countless training programs related to tourism, adventure trekking, climbing, and responsible tourism, as well as the medical class. We are now a trusted company with a global outlook.

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