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Trekking Planner Inc: For Adventure Travel & Tour In Nepal

Trekking Planner Inc., a native family-owned trekking company in Nepal, offers wonderful experiences in exotic Himalayan Destinations. Welcome to our family-owned trekking business in Nepal! We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who specialize in providing trekking and adventure experiences in the Majestic Himalayan Region.

Trekking Planner Inc. is rooted in our clients love for the outdoors and our passion for sharing the natural beauty and cultural richness of Nepal with visitors from around the world. We take pride in our personalized approach to trekking and strive to provide our clients with unforgettable experiences that will last a lifetime.

Our team consists of licensed and certified guides who have a wealth of knowledge about the region's flora, fauna, and local culture. We offer a wide range of trekking and adventure packages that cater to all skill levels and interests, including short treks, challenging climbs, and cultural tours.

We believe in responsible tourism and are committed to preserving the natural environment and supporting local communities. We work closely with local organizations and communities to promote sustainable tourism practices that benefit both visitors and local residents.

Thank you for considering our Family-Owned Trekking Business in Nepal. We look forward to sharing the beauty and wonder of the Himalayas with you.

Why travel with Trekking Planner Inc?

  • Handpicked travel itineraries
    Handpicked travel itineraries
  • Locally based guides
    Locally based guides
  • Sustainable travel
    Sustainable travel
  • Best price guarantee
    Best price guarantee
  • Hassle-free booking
    Hassle-free booking
  • 24/7 customer service
    24/7 customer service
Nepal Cultural Tour
Cultural Tour

10 Days Nepal Cultural Tour

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