25 Days Upper Dolpo Trekking

  • Duration 25 Days
  • Trip Grade Moderate To Adventurous
  • Destination Nepal
  • Start/End Kathmandu
  • Style Camping Trek
  • Group Size 2+
  • Max Altitude 5,115 m/16782 ft
  • Best Time March to June and Sept to November
All Inclusive PriceUS $4499US $4799
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  • Adventure to Wild West of Nepal within enchanting country of great culture.
  • Amazing dramatic scenery of impressive and unique landscapes of Upper Dolpo.
  • Explore remote and isolated places in the land where elusive snow-leopard dwells.
  • Fantastic panorama of beautiful Dolpo in the backdrop of high snow mountains.
  • Walk into far and hidden country at old Shey Gompa the Crystal Monastery.

‘Adventure into Remote wild Country of Nepal Far Western Himalaya’

Upper Dolpo Trekking probably the most wildest country within Nepal Himalaya as well on this planet earth, where adventure takes you to Far Western Himalaya on least ventured region by only few groups of trekkers and adventurer.

Upper Dolpo Trekking an adventure that takes you to remote and isolated areas on well hidden pockets of Far Western Himalaya which also falls on ancient Trans Himalaya Salt Trade and Caravan Trail route of Nepal to reach Tibet border.

The region of Upper and Inner Dolpo been well described by early pioneers which you can find in the famous classic novel ‘Snow Leopard’ written by American author Peter Matessian which was published in late 1980’s.

The country was well exposed to outside world from the movie “Himalaya” which was nominated in Oscar for foreign best film in 1998, since then Upper Dolpo got much attention where few travelers often ventured this wild and raw country.

A land where elusive and rare snow leopard and herd of blue sheep dwells along with other exotic wild-life as Dolpo area located within Nepal largest park of Shey-Phoksundo National Park covers an area of 3, 555 sq. kms.

The Park extends further North West of Mugu district with Humla and Limi valley and towards Dhaulagiri Himalaya Range and Mustang Areas in eastern direction with Dorpatan in the south.

Although Upper Dolpo a wild and barren country where walk takes you through lush forest, lined with blue pine, spruce, cypress, poplar, deodar, fir and birch as walk takes you into Jugdula River valley which consists mostly Quercus species.

As adventure takes you high above within Trans-Himalayan route which falls within near-desert type vegetation of mainly dwarf juniper and caragana shrub.

Within Upper Dolpo besides rare species of exotic mountain mammals equally rich in many species of birds, such as Impeyan pheasant (Danphe), blood pheasant, cheer pheasants, red and yellow billed cough, raven, jungle crow, snow partridge and many others.

Upper Dolpo Trekking an amazing adventure where scenic flights is involved both ways from Kathmandu to reach at Jhupal Dolpo small airstrip via Nepalgunj a city located within Nepal Far South West.

From Jhupal walk takes you to Dunai town as well the main headquarter of whole Dolpo district as walk heads towards nice farm lands and villages to reach at emerald colored Phoksumdo Lake, enjoy fabulous moments around the lake which is also called Ringmo lake due to its location near the village of Ringmo.

Explore around its beautiful country with scenic views of Kagamara and Kanjiborba peaks from here adventure takes you to cross high Kang-la pass at above 5,350 m offers spectacular panorama of high mountain range around both sides of the pass.

From the pass heading towards the main highlight and goal of the adventure at Shey Gompa also called Crystal Monastery, where the monastery situated close to beautiful crystal mountain embedded with natural semi-precious stones.

At Shey Gompa enjoy fascinating moments within remote and isolated country of Nepal Far West with tour inside the oldest monastery of the region enriched with rare ancient relics and artifacts of both Buddhism and Bon sect religions.

After a wonderful moment at Shey Gompa walk towards inner Dolpo on leaving the last nice village of Saldang , as route takes you to cross several high passes to reach at large and lovely interesting village of Tokyu.

Enjoy visit around this large villages of great cultural interest and then head towards a large valley of Dho Tarap to reach at historical village at Tarakot, during early Malla kingdom times was a main important fort village.

From Tarakot end the walks reaching at Dunai and to Jhupal for exciting super flights to low warm city at Nepalgunj for transit scenic flight to Kathmandu after a glorious adventure and great experience on Upper Dolpo Trekking.

Upper Dolpo Trekking from April to October months of the year includes monsoon wet season of June and August, as Dolpo falls within rain shadow area where heavy black monsoon rain clouds blocked by Himalayan range of mountains.

The best time is April to May and September and October months, during spring times where days are much longer with enough sunlight, autumn season with clear blue sky for views and walks, but much cold in the morning and night time with short sun-light days.


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On first arrival in country’s international airport at Kathmandu meet our Trekking Planner staff and guide for short transfer in the hub of Kathmandu city at Thamel area, an interesting location where all needful items found around in the shops and stores in Thamel.

Check into your rooms after a rest then down at meeting place in the hotel lobby or foyer for group briefing where our guide or leader provides you with information on treks to Upper Dolpo and other useful and necessary subjects to make your stay enjoyable.

Evening includes group welcome dinner in a nice authentic Nepalese restaurant to get the taste of local cuisines with local cultural program to entertainment while you enjoy the dinner.

    Morning in Kathmandu for sightseeing tour around places of great interest tour of famous landmark and world heritage sites of both Hindu and Buddhism religions, an exciting tour to catch glimpse of Nepalese cultures with history that dates back hundreds of centuries.

    Afternoon transfer to Kathmandu domestic airport for scenic flight to land at Nepal Far South West in Nepalgunj city airport, located on low sub-tropical climatic country, with close to border of Indian states UP (Utter Pradesh).

    On landing at Nepalgunj city airport transfer to respective hotels within city limit, afternoon with time to explore around the city of Nepalgunj.

      Early morning breakfast then catch another scenic short flight to Jhupal in Dolpo, as flight takes near 45 minutes to land at Jhupal small airstrip, where you will meet our trekking staff and porters.

      Then begin our first walk of the adventure to reach at Dunai for overnight stop, as walk heads into farm villages and cultivated terrace facing views of peaks in the distance, after few hours walk reach at Dunai and transfer into simple local and nice lodge.

      Dunai, headquarter and administrative town of Dolpo district, an interesting place to explore and observe Nepalese of Far Western Nepal its varied cultures and custom of both Hindu and Buddhist religions.

        From Dunai, morning walk past market place to cross a bridge over Thulo Bheri River and climb to a ridge top above Phoksundo River valley facing views of Kagmara peak. After pleasant walk, then downhill into farm villages with walnut trees and heading close to Dhera, a small cattle herders settlements, from here short climb to Raha-Gaon village of Thakuri Malla a Hindu tribe.

        From here downhill into forest to reach our first overnight camp at Chepkpa, a small farm village.

          After Chepkpa located near Ankhe village morning walk climbs and descend into forest to reach a river bank, and then climb on leaving forest behind with downhill heading back into forested area, and then walk by stream to cross a small bridge at Ryajik village, the path follows further to Samduwa for overnight stop near at the entrance of Phoksundo National Park.

            Morning leads to our first destination at Phoksundo Lake after walking past Pungmo Khola (stream) valley following Pungmo Khola downhill through pine and birch trees to reach upper side of Phoksundo Khola.

            After a short break walk to Ringmo village, an interesting village of Tibetan origin and culture with mud plastered houses and religious Chorten or Mani (prayer) walls of both Bon sect and Buddhist religion.

            From here a short walk to Phoksundo Lake for overnight camp near at the shore of scenic, emerald colored Phoksundo Lake.

              A great and perfect place for rest day to enjoy stunning views of dramatic country within beautiful landscapes overlooking views of Kagmara peaks, and visit Ringmo village of immense interest located near Phoksundo Lake.

                Walk follows on the high trail towards restricted area of Upper Dolpo where few groups of visitors often venture beyond Phoksundo Lake from Inner or Lower Dolpo. Trek follows river on unsteady path to reach west side the lake through a summer pasture which opens into a wide plain of Phoksundo Khola for overnight camp by the shore.

                  Morning walk on a nice path to head north above Phoksundo Khola then with climb to reach a ridge top offers views of wide green valley and of Kang-La pass on route to Shey Gompa the Crystal Monastery.

                  Overnight camp on nice green summer pasture near the base of high Kang-la pass within complete isolation and wilderness.

                    Start early morning to reach our main destination at Shey Gompa, continue climb on stone and rocky path to cross over Kang-la pass at above 5,345 meters / 17,652 ft the highest point of the adventure.

                    The pass offers spectacular views of beautiful landscapes with snow clad peaks includes Mt. Dhaulagiri towards far-east, after enjoyable moment a long descend to reach at the bottom of a river, then across cattle herder camps towards Buddhist prayer monument Chorten and Mani.

                    From here a pleasant walk leads to our final destination at Shey Gompa situated beneath Crystal Mountain regarded as Holy Mountain with an old monastery nearby.

                      A beautiful place for rest day in this remote and isolated country of Nepal Far North West Himalaya, and away from modern civilization in the harmony of complete wilderness within tranquil environment, explore around this amazing place and visit old Shey Gompa also called Crystal Monastery.

                      For more information of this area which you can get from famous 1980's classic novel called the 'Snow Leopard' by American author Peter Mathieson.

                        From this unique country and beautiful spot, journey continue heading into a wall canyon, as trail meanders to cross Sela or Gela-la ridge top at 5,094 m high, rewards you with beautiful landscapes scenery includes views of Dhaulagiri peaks, and then downhill to grazing area on pleasant path to Namgung Gaon for overnight stop.

                          After Namgung Gaon, walk on dusty windswept terrain head to a steep climb tos our next camp at Saldang, another impressive and large village of Upper Dolpo region, situated on a high plateau.

                            From here, walk follows Nang Chu River all the way with few short ups and down and then past Sugu-Gaon and Dechen Lapran, a cattle herders settlement to reach our overnight camp at Cha-Gaon village with an old Rapa Gompa of Bon sect, a pre-Buddhism religion worship of ancient culture.

                              Morning walk lead due south towards Tarap valley within Tokyu and Dho Tarap villages, walk leads to Dachu Khola and beyond, following river through farm fields, and then walk into Yak herder areas for overnight camp.

                                After overnight at nice summer pasture and meadow, morning follows river for short while, and then coming across yaks and mules laden with caravan of Nepalese goods on the road to Tibet, where trade with Tibet still exists since hundreds of years.

                                Trail heads on old Trans Himalayan trade route, from the base of Jyanta-la pass, morning steep climb to reach a high ridge facing views of massive Mt. Dhaulagiri range, from here long descend to the base of the pass on route to Tokyu village for overnight camp.

                                  After a steep climb, morning an easy walk for hours to reach at Tokyu Gaon for overnight stop, a charming and interesting village within Dolpo region, consist of more than ten villages spread around with nice tended farm fields with Tibetan style houses includes old monasteries.

                                    After Tokyu Gaon, morning on downhill to reach around beautiful wide green valley of Tarap Chu, a nice place of Yak and Cattle herder’s temporary settlements, walk continues to our overnight camp at Dho-Tarap, near a nice village with mix tribes of Dolpo and Magar hill tribe spread around all part of Nepal from East to West.

                                      From the village descend to Tarap valley, around largest and longest valley of Dolpo that extends to near 20 k.m which follows Tarap Chu River most of the way and eventually joins at Thulo Bheri River near Tarakot village.

                                      Walk leads with grand views of beautiful waterfalls and then head further south following the trail to Sisaul and Kesila around Yak herder camps to reach our overnight camp at Gyagar.

                                        Walk today leads to Tarap Khola valley where route enters a narrow gorge with some bushes of juniper and wild rose, walk leads past a small place called Tol-Tol near a large overhanging cave, around this wild country one might spot some wild life like Naur or Blue Sheep and other animals or Snow Leopard.

                                        As walk progress then reach on the confluence of Tarap Chu and Lang Khola streams, overnight camp is made near the river after a long day walks of six hours.

                                          Morning walk leads past smaller spread out farm villages along river bank to reach at Tarakot, a large and interesting village with historical background of Malla regime an empire once ruled Nepal.

                                          Tarakot with an old fortress known as Dzong in Tibetan and Kot in Nepali guarding the village from outsiders, Tarakot village houses famous old Sandul Gompa located on a junction of Barbung Khola and Tarap Chu River where our overnight camp is made.

                                            After interesting time at Tarakot, our last day walk of the adventure takes you back at Dunai, from here ending our trek taking a short drive of few hour to reach at the end of our adventure in Jhupal, for next early morning flight to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj city.

                                              Morning as per flight time for Nepalgunj, board in small aircraft either Twin Otter or Dornier, and then this short flight takes you to low warm areas at Nepalgunj, and then connect to another scenic flight taking about 50 minutes to reach back within city life at Kathmandu, from Kathmandu airport a short drive reaches you to your hotel with rest of the day at leisure.

                                                A free day in Kathmandu, reserved in case of flight delay at Jhupal, on this day enjoy with individual activities and shopping with options to join in tour around Kathmandu-Patan and Bhaktapur.

                                                  Last day in the land of high mountains and colorful culture, with your time for international flight depart from the hotel, our staff and guide transfer you to airport, enjoying great adventure and experience on Upper Dolpo Trek.

                                                    Upper Dolpo trekking provided with standard Itinerary days where some walks can be shorter or longer as per your physical fitness, some designated overnight stops can change, due to available rooms and other facilities and etc…….

                                                    We will follow the itinerary if its need to be changes in case of weather, landslides and difficulties on walks requiring more days where our leader and lead head guides decides holding full authority for Trekking Planner Inc, USA.

                                                    Cost Details


                                                    • All airport pick up drop off by private vehicle (for both international and domestic flights)
                                                    • Welcome dinner in an authentic restaurant
                                                    • Twin/double shearing deluxe accommodation on BB in Kathmandu
                                                    • Twin/double shearing deluxe accommodation on full board in Nepaljung
                                                    • Guided sightseeing tours in Kathmandu with private vehicle (entrance fees extra)
                                                    • Kathmandu to NepalJung to Juphal and Jumla to Nepaljung to Kathmandu by flight
                                                    • All necessary trek permit and Trekkers’ Information Management System( TIMS card)
                                                    • A highly experience, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English speaking, well-trained, Government license holding guide. Price includes his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance.
                                                    • 02 guest to 01 porter with their insurance, salary, food, accommodation and equipment
                                                    • Your cost includes insurance, wages, food and lodging for both your guide and porter. We take excellent care of our guides and porters; they are like family to us.
                                                    • Best available twin sharing lodge accommodation during the trek (private bathrooms with hot showers are provided at Phakding, Namche and Lukla)
                                                    • Three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner and tea/coffee during the trekking.
                                                    • Snacks of biscuits/peanuts and seasonal fresh fruits dessert during the trek
                                                    • First aid kit
                                                    • Trekking Planner’s sleeping bag, down jackets, T-shirt, cap, duffle bags, city and trekking route maps – if necessary.
                                                    • Arrangement of emergency evacuation service (should have insurance for emergency evacuation and will be paid by your travel insurance company)
                                                    • Oxymeter to check your pulse and oxygen saturation and heart rate twice daily during the trek (very useful to check Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) symptoms). This helps ensure your trek is in the safest hands possible.
                                                    • All applicable government and local taxes per the itinerary
                                                    • One-hour complimentary spa/massage in Kathmandu after the trek


                                                    • Nepal Visa fee (Bring accurate fee in USD and two Passport size Photo)
                                                    • International airfare to and from Kathmandu (no need to pay departure tax for international flight)
                                                    • Diner and lunch in Kathmandu
                                                    • Personal  travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation
                                                    • Extra night accommodation and lunch and dinner in city because of early arrival, late departure and early return from the mountain (due to any reason) then the scheduled itinerary
                                                    • Personal expenses (phone calls, baggage charge, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottle or boiled water, shower etc)
                                                    • Tips to the trekking crews and drive
                                                    • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition or any event out of our control
                                                    • Anything not included in service includes column

                                                    Essential Info

                                                    If you have an Indian passport, the cost of trekking to Everest Base Camp is INR 100,000. When breaking down the cost, Indian citizens pay slightly less than citizens of other nations because India is a member of the SAARC (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka), which lowers the cost of a permit. Additionally, Indian citizens pay less for airline tickets than citizens of other nations, which further lowers the cost of the trip. 

                                                    People travelling from SAARC countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka). have low-cost permits, the cost of trekking to Everest Base Camp can be 20 to 50 dollars less for holders of these kinds of Trekkers and travelers coming to Nepal.

                                                    EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST

                                                    • Duffel/Rucksack bag/Suitcase (We provide one complimentary Trekking Planner duffel bag that is to be returned after the trip)
                                                    • Day pack
                                                    • Trekking shoes
                                                    • Sports shoes or sandals
                                                    • Sun Hat/cap
                                                    • Warm woolen cap
                                                    • Warm fleece jacket or puffy jacket
                                                    • Waterproof Gore-Tex layer
                                                    • Pullover or warm sweeter
                                                    • Raincoat
                                                    • 4/5 pairs of good quality socks
                                                    • Hand gloves
                                                    • 2/3 pairs of trekking trousers
                                                    • 3/4 pairs of trekking shirts
                                                    • 3/4 pairs of underwear (non cotton preferred)
                                                    • Sun glasses
                                                    • Water bottle
                                                    • 4 season sleeping bag (Optional/we can provide one if you need it. It is to be returned after the trip)
                                                    •  Flash or Torch light
                                                    • Camera and batteries

                                                    Best Seasons for Upper Dolpo Trekking:
                                                    Best time in April and May in spring season with September to early November months during autumn.

                                                    April and May with much longer sunlight hours, makes the trek more interesting and very special.

                                                    Most days are clear from morning till late afternoon, can get cloudy sometimes with chance of snows around higher elevation cold in the morning and night time (without wind-chill factors).

                                                    September to early November during autumn / fall season most days are crystal clear from morning till mid-afternoon, days are shorter and as well with sunlight hours, much cold with freezing temperatures in the morning and night as well in shades above 2, 000 m high (not adding extra wind-chill factor).

                                                    Local Culture and Religion:
                                                    Upper and whole Dolpo area dominated by Dolpa tribe closely linked to Tibetan with similar culture and way of farm and cattle herding traditional life, follows both Buddhism religion and Bon sect of pre-Buddhism an ancient worships of natural surroundings and mountain spirits.

                                                    Lower Dolpo with mix tribes of people Dolpa of Tibetan origin with Hindu Brahmin and Chettries of Malla Thakuri tribes includes Magar the hills tribe of Western Nepal with mixture of Hindu and Buddhism with Bon religions.

                                                    Climate and Weather:
                                                    Himalayan climate can be unpredictable sometimes even in good best seasons, where April and May to first week of June will be the best time during spring times, when days are longer with enough sunlight hours.

                                                    Morning and night time as well in shade can be cold and much freezing temperatures around higher areas above 2,000 m.

                                                    Other months from September and October great times for treks around Upper Dolpo and other areas of Himalaya, when days are clear for views and to summit the top of the peak, although much colder months of autumn season with extreme cold during morning and night time, where sunlight is much shorter.

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