"Tibet, world highest and largest plateau of amazing culture and landscape"

Tibet an autonomous region of main land China which annexed since early 1960’s a country tremendous beautiful scenery located within world highest and largest plateau enclosed by high snow-capped peaks. Tibet, covers an area of 1,221, 700 sq. km or 471,900 sq. miles nearly twice the size of California and extends wide 2,600 k.m. from West to East and 1,300 k.m. from North to South where high Himalayan are the barrier bordering neighboring countries, extends from 78° to 90° Longitude East and from 28° to 37° Latitude North. Tibet with average altitude of 3,000 meters / 9,000 ft reaches above 5,000 m where some villages are located above 4,000 m high, snow mountain ranges rises from 5,500 m, 6,000 m, 7, 000 m to 8,848 m which is the top of Mt. Everest known as Chomolungma in Tibet. The country captures some of world highest mountains Mt. Everest, Mt. Cho-Oyu, Mt. Shisapangma and other over 6,000 meters peaks. The southern border extends to Nepal and towards south West with India and Pakistan and south east Bhutan, Sikkim and all the way to Myanmar. Since it open the door for visitors, one can travel by air or on surface reaching from mainland China and Nepal. Tibet a country of 20 % forested area 40 % farm land and agriculture fields with 40 % of desolate, arid and windswept desert like territory  where some of the world highest and largest salt lakes exist in all parts of Tibet, the holy Manasarover Lake, Raksas Tal (lake) Pigatsho Lake, The turquoise color lake of  Yamdrok Tsho and beautiful Nam-Tsho Lakes with many rivers Brahmaputra (Yarlung Tsangpo) Karnali-Sutlej and Arun Rivers are some of the source of the rivers that fed from the glacier of Tibetan mountains. Travel in Tibet will be an exciting adventure by air or taking an overland journey to and from Kathmandu Nepal, where travelers can witness rural farm villages and town of great fascination and visiting its monasteries and cities of great interest. Tibet truly a great country to visit once in your life time to experience amazing cultures, festivals, as well soak into traditional custom visiting impressive sites like the famous Potala Palace one of the wonders on this planet.