About Us

  1. Trekking Planner Team of staff and guides been attached to the company for a long decade of time since the company started till present, where all our staff and guides are much knowledgeable and expert, cheerful and happy to serve our guests.
  2. Trekking Planner Team especially guides are all born and bred in around high hills of the Himalaya region of Nepal, from Mt. Everest to Mt. Manaslu and Ganesh Himal area.
  3. Due to our guides, origin makes the best guides of the country where all our clients feel happy and glad choosing the right company and with loyal, professional and veteran guides to lead and show our customers the wonders of Himalaya.
  4. The company managed by expert tourism professional Mr. Dipak Lamichhane who himself has led treks and tours for more than ten years, with his excellent knowledge of the country made him establish his own company ‘Trekking Planner‘ and choosing only the best staff and guides.
  5. We have successfully established a company in Texas, the USA, managed by Mr. Sagar Thapa, who handles all the international clients to establish smooth and better services.
  6. Where all guides and staff with one main goal to uplift the company in making every trip a high success and a winner so that all trekkers and visitors’ book with us returns back to Nepal in using the same local company Trekking Planner.
  7. Besides leading treks, we offer excellent services taking care of every client’s needs and requirements from the beginning of arrival to final departure from Nepal that makes Trekking Planner special and unique than other companies.
  8. Our guide and staff have attended countless training programs related to tourism, adventure trekking, and climb and Responsible Tourism as well with the medical class.
  9. With our guides, huge support and knowledge have made Trekking Planner a highly accepted native company of Nepal as well with proper and well-planned management.