‘India, a vast amazing country from sand-sea to snow’ India world seventh largest country and a melting pot of many religions and various colorful cultures, an ancient historical land with countless of interesting world heritage sites to explore. India located center of South Asia with 3,287, 263 sq.kms and populated more than 1.2 billion people, which is the 2nd largest in the world. India a Republic country with major language is Hindi besides various different speaking states in India, where main religion is Hinduism followed by Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jain. An interesting place to visit from sand-sea to snow covers nearly all different landscapes with nice beaches of Goa, and Trivandrum with magical Pink City of Rajasthan a beautiful desert land with ancient heritage forts and palaces. As journey takes you further North and East reaching around Himalayan region of high mountains from Ladakh to Darjeeling the queen of Hills and extends towards lovely Sikkim, all these places interwoven with strong Buddhism religion. India famous for its great cultural diversity that one can explore very different from one state to another, where one can enjoy heritage tour of Agra famous Taj-Mahal, Red Fort and many historical sites of Delhi the capital city of India. Travelers can visit all around India taking various means of transportation from air, surface, trains to cruise that takes you to nice warm sub-tropical areas of South India, enriched with magnificent historical places. Truly a fascinating country as well the land of many festivals that takes place in each and different region, with more than 28 states and union territories like Nicobar and Andaman Island. Historical and very religious country, and the origin of ancient Sanskrit language where travelers can witness various famous temples, mosque, churches and monasteries all in one visit of great interest, where climate and custom varies from tropical-cooler alpine temperatures to arctic cold around high Himalayas.

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